fresh, tasty, healthy

The underlying premise of SymBowl and The Inner Flavor Sauce Co. has always been to offer clean, simple, and delicious food in a way that benefits as many people as possible.

Choosing a sauce or dressing shouldn’t be a seek and find adventure just to avoid chemicals and artificial ingredients.

You can trust that we are always working towards providing honest foods without hiding what is in each package. We choose to use the fewest possible ingredients, labeled in simple, easy-to-recognize language.

We believe good food should be good for you!

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Bring fresh, from-scratch, specialty sauces and dressings to your clients.


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Becky Schoenig of SymBowl interviews Dr. Frisch and his wife Linda on this episode of our weekly Find Your Inner Flavor: Functional Friday vlog.

Real life taste testers at the SHAPE ReClaimed™ Symposium 2019 in St.Louis.


Visit SymBowl, our brick and mortar restaurant, with locations in Kirkwood and Chesterfield Missouri for farm fresh and sustainably sourced bowls, wraps and salads made from whole foods with vegan, keto, auto-immune, SHAPE Reclaimed™ Certified, paleo, and gluten/grain/sugar free options everyone can enjoy.