Meet The Chef.

Gregory Owens began cooking as a means to an end, but fell in love with the art. After completing his culinary studies he spent time as a private chef for a chiropractor with a food-as-medicine philosophy. Later he would create his own restaurant, SymBowl, where friends and families sit and dine together regardless of dietary goals, needs, or restrictions. 

(Or if they just like good food.)

Initially he launched a crowdfund effort to create the sauces you see here…he just knew he had a great product, and there was a desire to share avision of what food can be to the public.  While the ultimate fundraising goal, your support and the support of others helped us to begin the process of bringing our specialty sauces to all. 

He learned quickly that some of the challenges in bringing a clean, whole food product to market, are vast

Food packaging is a big issue all on its own. Chef Owens struggled to find a co-packing facility that allowed the use of fresh, whole food that wasn’t already processed. So, he got himself BCPS certified so now he can legally process and bottle every sauce in-house himself!

If it weren’t for you believing in this journey Greg never would have moved into this piece of the puzzle. It took much longer than imagined and we couldn’t thank you enough.

So, thank you.

For your support, and for believing in real whole food.